IDEA - International Dialogue for the Evaluation of Allergens

IDEA Hydroperoxides TF meeting

28 January 2015

During the 2013 Workshop on pre- and pro-haptens participants concluded that the development of new and validation of existing analytical methodologies is a key requirement. A TF was established to specifically address the issue of hydroperoxide formation and analysis. The last meeting of the TF took place on January 28th, 2015 in Brussels and aimed to update on the latest developments on the analytical method. Stimulated by the presence of Dr. Hans Bender, the moderator of the IDEA Workshops, the purpose, actual status and key steps forward were summarized by the participants on a number of slides.

The purpose of the Task Force is to provide analytical data in support of interpretation of Patch Test reactions to materials containing the hydroperoxides of limonene and linalool. To achieve this, the ultimate objective is to provide methodology to enable the confirmation and quantitative measurement for limonene and linalool hydroperoxides in complex mixtures (including final consumer products) at 5000 ppm and within agreed accuracy ranges; and to provide methodology for qualitative analysis (confirmatory purposes) at 500 ppm.

Participants presented the results from a first Ring Test on the analytical method and work is being undertaken to understand method issues and confirm method performance parameters. Further details are provided in the minutes and its attachments.


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